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80W Soldering Iron Kit with LCD Screen

80W Soldering Iron Kit with LCD Screen

Why do you choose us:

80W soldering iron kit with LCD screen.
30S rapid heating, plug and play.
Everything here is good or better quality.
13-in-1 Set: everything you need to get started is in the kit.
The handy PU bag will keep everything tidy and together for when it is needed.

Package Included

Package Included

How to Use Desoldering Pump & How to Solder

How to Use Desoldering Pump & How to Solder

This soldering kit is not for serious professional work, intended for basic home repairs or sparking interest in your teenage child with electronics, and it’s worth every penny with pretty darn good quality.

How to solder:

Determine the right temperature for your project. Which temperature to use depends on the materials you’re joining and the kind of solder you’re using.
Once your iron is heated to the appropriate temperature, pick up the iron by the handle in one hand and hold a piece of solder in the other hand. Hold the hot iron to the place where the two metal components will meet for about a second to heat them up. You want to heat the metal parts, not the solder itself.
Touch the solder to the heated components. As the solder melts, it will flow into the gaps it needs to fill. Continue to feed in solder until a sufficient amount is melted. While you need enough to form a solid connection, you don’t want to have too much solder either.
Allow the solder to cool on its own without any action.
Check the soldering joint for quality. A good connection will appear smooth, uniform and shiny. Make sure that aren’t any problematic gaps between the components or globs of excess solder.

Warm Tips:

Please be really careful when you are using the tools, and you’d better keep it somewhere kids can’t reach.
Please switch to the 392℉/200℃ model, when not using the soldering iron. And please do not keep the soldering iron working under high temperature, which will accelerate the iron core being oxidized and burn out, as to shorten its life.
When welding, do not use too much pressure, otherwise the iron tip will be damaged. As long as the iron tip fully contact the solder joint, heat can be transferred.
To avoid oxidation, please clean soldering iron tip and “tin” all faces of tip with a coating of solder after using. If there is black oxide on the iron tip, the tip may not be tinned, and should be cleaned by brass coil ball firstly.

Soldering, DIY
Soldering, DIY
Soldering, DIY
Soldering, DIY

Digital Screen

Desoldering Pump

Solder Wire
10 grams
50 grams
30 grams
50 grams

Wire Cutter

Soldering Flux


Voltage Tester

7-in-1 Screwdrivers

PU Storage Bag

【Heat Up Quickly & Cool Down Fast】: With inner-heated ceramic technology, this 80W soldering iron heats up within 30 seconds. Four ventilation holes are designed on the steel-pipe and bakelite, provide better heat dissipation, which can extend its lifespan.
【Excellent Soldering Iron with LCD Screen】: No need soldering station, just plug and use. With the temperature control knob and digital display, you can adjust the temperature from 392℉ to 842℉, read the temperature clearly, so it is less likely to over heat a circuit board.
【Soldering Iron Gun with ON/OFF Switch】: The welding Iron kit with on-off switch, it is convenience for you to turn it off at anytime when you don’t need to use it. At the same time, it can avoid long-time working, saving energy and ensuring safe welding. The insulating silica gel cover can effectively protect the iron from overheating.
【Desoldering Pump & Brass Coil Ball Help Cleaning】: Rugged metal construction, the disordering pump is high pressure vacuum tube with aluminum body frame, so you can use it with one hand easily, and remove solder effectively from PCB through hole solder joints. Brass coil ball cleans better than conventional sponge, no water required, will not reduce the tip temperature, does not cause premature wear of soldering iron tips.
【Easy to Carry & Every Home’s Basic Tool】: The soldering iron and included accessories come with a carrying bag that has a faux leather exterior, it has garterized slots to retain all things and they will not move. This is a great option for anyone wanting a spare kit you can bring anywhere or just one you can use for odd jobs around the house saving money in small repairs.


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